This is me at the Chicago Art Institute. No, I did not paint this painting...Monet did!!! It is a favorite of mine though. THESE BELOW ARE JUST A FEW EXAMPLES OF MY WORK.


I love painting murals!

My first mural was painted when I was in 6th grade...a giant bookworm with the help of 3 friends.

Since then I have painted dozens of murals for a range of soffits, borders, full wall murals in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, on doors, floors, motifs, full room murals for restaurants, stores, store Signs, a library, school rooms, a racquet club etc...

Children's & teen rooms (Ballet, Babar, Beach, Cowboy, Madeleine, Storybook, Fairy's, Fairytale, Mother Goose, Asian, Constellations, Clouds, Zoo, Under the Sea, Winnie the Pooh, Disney-themed, Dr. Suess-themed, and many many more!) I love painting for children!


Let your creativity flow...I will help you paint your dream


​© Copyright 2013, No animals were harmed in the making