Gallery...Marble, sponge, rag, wood

Faux finishes! I have painted many different finishes on so many surfaces: stucco, tile, columns, metal, stone, furniture, etc. I have painted ragged, rubbed, linen, denim, river rock, vertical drag, sponge (Mediterranean and Southwest especially), leather, and more. I love to paint marble!! I can replicate all kinds of natural finishes, cherry and oak wood to granite, brick and patinas. I love mixing colors with polyurethane layers to give a rich depth. Faux textures are especially good in spaces that have not perfect surfaces.​

Faux Wood Door 10/2013  in multiple steps, as described with each photo.

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Greek marble ceiling & walls

Lakeshore Drive Residence Chicago. Hand stenciled greek key pattern over sponged, veined faux, two different faux patterns on ceiling also.