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About me. My company. 40 years exp.


I'm an Artist and Painter with a B.F.A. from MSU in Graphic Design/Fine Arts While designing logos I began free-lance painting with Chicago Painting Companies and a back drop company. I have worked with many interior decorators, builders/show homes and paint companies, and also printers and tee shirt companies. My work has been displayed at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago and I have painted  five show homes in Ann Arbor. I have painted murals at restaurants, shops, and even a racquet club. Some of my work has received press.

Do you have need for meticulous painters with an eye for color? Do you have clients who need something matched, or have a spot where they want a splash of wood, marble or other natural looking element? My company employs people who know how to paint. We are clean, organized, and detailed, creative, and have a variety of specialty tools not in the normal house painter's apron. Most of all, WE LOVE TO PAINT!! We are insured and can handle any size job.



Green Paint.


Did you know that traditional paints can contain up to 10,000 chemicals?! Thats quite a bit  of toxins getting trapped and/or off-gassed into the air that you breathe, it the space you call home. Luckily there are many green-based paint products on the market today. Flat finish latex has lower VOC's than glossy paints, and pale or white paints have less VOC's than brightly colored or dark paints. If buying a green paint on your own, try to look for one with at least 30% solids so you don't need 3 paint coats to cover your wall.

Of course, I don't always use green paints. Sometimes the client or I prefer oil, or the finish requires a specific type of paint (exterior, rustoleum, floor enamels, epoxies etc) And I still use polyurethane to coat many murals and marble columns. But​ i have worked with many brands of low and NO VOC paint and consider myself an environmentalist and paint specialist and have experience with several brands world wide.


Color Consultant.


I'm an artist. I know my colors. I have been to Pratt & Lambert's color seminars, and attend yearly Benjamin Moore conferences.  I keep up to date with the latest color trends, and I have many color palettes. I will not force my favorite colors on you (or your client), rather, I will help you find the colors that work for you. Often times, you may want a change but are not sure what you want. I offer ideas and know how paint changes in various lighting but the process is collaborative.


Call for a color consultation. 

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