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TAKE YOUR SPACE to the next level

All things painted! Modern. Eclectic. Hip.
Interior walls & trim, stain, Specialty finishes,
faux wood & marble, murals, patterns...endless possibilities!!

INSURED • PERFECT • PROFESSIONAL PAINTING in the Woodward Corridor & Ann Arbor thru East Michigan

Sherwin Williams High Strung & Anderson Bronze & Australian Timber oil stain made for a stunning pop

Consulting with you on your creative endeavor to meet all of your painting needs.
Caring about the details. Love of painting and color.
Over 30 years experience in the painting business. Perfect roll out & trim.
Detailed prep work: scraping, sanding, caulking, spackling, priming.




All the little details

Residential and commercial painting services that set Pizzo Design apart from the rest of the painting companies: Combining the industry's best products with extensive knowledge and passion for detail to exceed your expectations. Exceptional paints and products and specialty brushes.

Expect and be encouraged with thorough consulting  on all aspects of your painting project to ensure that the project is completed according to your preferences...including pre-research on designs, colors and ideas for interior walls, trim, murals, specialty finishes and art commissions.


Benjamin Moore's Calm and White Dove & Also made a special back finish
for book shelves with brown/grey

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